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New User Badge Request Form

  1. This form must be completed prior to users being setup on the network or to be setup with different permissions. Please be aware that completion of this document does not does not guarantee that a user will be setup by a given Start Date. All documentation for new hires / transfers must be submitted to HR prior to any user changes or activations being completed.

  2. I have read and understand the information above*

  3. Type of User Request*

  4. If User Change: Does the user need keep permissons/access from previous Department?

  5. Will this user require Network Access*

  6. Default network drives are: X: Dept Drive Y: User Drive Z: City Drive

  7. Will this user require access to other network drives? *

  8. What Applications will the user need access to?

  9. Will this user require a city email account?*

  10. Does the user require access to additional shared email accounts?

  11. Does the user require access to additional shared Calendars?

  12. Will this user require a NEW ID card with door access?*


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