Building Department


As of October 1st, 2016, you are now required to schedule your inspections via Please contact Development Services in order to link your created account to your associated permits. See Inspections & Codes for more information.


Striving to improve the built environment through building safety and code enforcement to provide improved public safety, health, and general welfare of the citizens of Woodstock and the general public.

Department Responsibilities

The Building Department is comprised of four sections:

Department Contacts

Duane Helton, Building Official - 770-592-6000 x 1500,

William Taylor, Deputy Building Official - 770-592-6000 x 1511,

Jake Hill, Building Inspector - 770-592-6000 x1502,

Steve Martin, Building Inspector - 770-592-6000 x1509,

Bryan Smith, Building Inspector- 770-592-6000 x 1509,

Keith Kenney, Code Enforcement Officer - 770-592-6000 x 1507,

Matthew Marano, Code Enforcement Officer - 770-592-6000 x 1506,