Vehicle Release

Vehicles may be towed for various reasons by the City of Woodstock Police Department. If your unaware of why your vehicle was towed please contact the Woodstock Police Department to assist you in determining if your vehicle has been relocated due to illegal parking, abandonment, street hazard, incident to arrest, or accident. 

Retrieving a Towed Vehicle

All vehicles are required to be released by the City of Woodstock Police Department prior to an impound center releasing the vehicle. To have a vehicle released from impound the registered owner or an authorized representative must appear at:
City of Woodstock Police Department
12453 Highway 92
Woodstock, GA 30188

Records Division Hours:
- Monday - Friday
- 8:00am - 5:00pm
- Closed on Weekends & Holidays

When retrieving a towed vehicle, the following items are required:
- Current vehicle registration certificate,
- Valid driver's license,
- Proof of current, valid vehicle insurance.

Vehicles may only be released to the registered owners or their authorized representatives. In order to be considered an authorized representative for the vehicle's owner, you must have authorization in writing, with the notarized signature of the registered owner. All authorization in writing must be originals. No copies will be accepted.

Once a vehicle has been released by the City of Woodstock Police Department our records office will provide you with the release authorization form and direct you to your vehicle's impound center.


  • You may only retrieve a vehicle Monday through Friday during normal business hours. No vehicles will be released during other times.
  • No vehicles will be released from the impound centers without written authorization from the City of Woodstock Police Department.

* All towing fees are set by Cherokee County. All fees are subject to change through Cherokee County without notice.