Court Dress Code

Dress for Success

Defendants shall dress in a respectable, presentable manner. The City of Woodstock strives to ensure that everyone’s experience at the Municipal Court is a pleasant one. If you should have any questions regarding Court policies or procedures, please call 770-592-6030.

Garment Wear

    - You should dress business casual 
    - All pants must be worn at waist level

Restricted Garments 

    - Hats
    - Sunglasses 
    - Headbands
    - Visible Undergarments
    - Garments with inappropriate graphics or wording

Electronic Devices

    - All electronic devices must be turned off or placed in silent mode
    - No cameras or audio recording devices are allowed within the Municipal Court

Personal Items

    - Purses and bags are permitted, but subject to inspection prior to entering the Municipal Court
     - All documentation is subject to inspection