Experience Woodstock

Population: 23,896 (as of 2010 Census)

If Woodstock were a county, we'd be the 76 largest county in Georgia and larger than 84 of the 159 counties in the state. Of the 536 municipalities or towns that the US Census tracks, Woodstock jumped from the 61st largest in Georgia in 2000 to the 31st largest in Georgia.

It is interesting to note that even though Woodstock seems like a small hometown, we're one of the largest cities in Georgia and bigger than 52.8% of the counties int he state and 94.2% of the municipalities.

Downtown Woodstock

Brick paved sidewalks provide residents and visitors with a pedestrian friendly environment, where buildings dating back to 1879 are the trademark of this historic commercial district, the heart of Woodstock. The Downtown District includes antique shops, tearooms, and special events facilities. Specialty shops, including hair salons, gift shops, coffee houses, and furniture store complement the area. Services available include chiropractic care, spas, car repair, and more.

A walk through Downtown Woodstock brings back the beauty of days gone by with the convenience of today and the allure of the future. A visit to the Woodstock Visitors Center at Dean's Store will give credence to the slogan there: Where yesterday lives and tomorrow waits. Opened in an existing building in 1906, the store has remained in the Dean Family since that time. Since 1981, little merchandise has been sold, but easy chairs and surroundings from other centuries invite visitors to come in for information and directions.